Skwyre International

I am setting up a tabletop miniatures game with my humble self as moderator, in Florida USA; and players from Pennsylvania, USA and Australia. (There are also interested people in England and Germany. They want to watch.)

All Quiet on the Martian Front
In 1894, Mars invaded Earth according to HG Wells.
Mars lost.
The Martians returned in 1910. Mars is being opposed by humans with WWI weapons. The Martians and humans are in a stalemate of a sort, but humanity is developing technology and tactics to take (all) Earth back from the Martians.
A miniatures game in 15mm scale, with individual Martian tripods (of various types), Humans have tanks, cavalry on motorcycles, armored trucks, Model T command cars, and infantry armed with Springfield (Enfield for the British) rifles, machine guns and artillery. AQMF has a small but very devoted following.
I have created a map using Fractal Mapper and created a crude set of tokens from common domain images. I am slowly learning to take photos of my actual minis to use as tokens.

I would like to document the upcoming play test. The players involved are both Military Veterans with rapacious intellects and they are quite good players. The three of us share about a century of wargaming experience, and we have all used computers extensively as part of our careers. Likewise, all the participants are excited about the prospect of being able to play anytime, anyplace, even across the dateline and equator.

This will be a stern test of Skwyre.

Is there any way to record sessions of Skwyre? I want to do a thorough production.

I am also getting some interest in a role-play game from people in town. I have a bit of work yet to do, but there is some interest in a game with four people sitting around the same table.


  • No, there's no way to record the session. You could possibly use screen recording software, but that might make some huge video files if you're playing for hours.

  • I will probably have to do this as a series of screenshots.

    It's ironic that when my cats pounce on the keyboard they often inadvertently save screens: Now I'm going to have to check the youtube tutorials and learn how to doit on my terms.

    Tester challenges software challenges tester.

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