Difficulty uploading Backgrounds, maps and tokens

I have been going nuts with Skwyre, so much so the local squirrels are giving me sour looks.

It is possible to upload backgrounds. I have uploaded one of the nebula patterns from Astrosynthesis and used it as a background. With some tokens for space ships etc. it works really well. This might be interesting for Star Wars Armada and X-Wing players.

Creating tokens is a labor intensive task. I have found a wealth of fantasy tokens in the NBOS exchange. I haven't looked for any Steampunk-style tokens for a possible game of GASLIGHT yet.

I am still trying to finding the optimal size (file size) for maps for miniatures. This is mainly due to the one negative issue I have seen lately:


When I upload a file bigger than a few K-bytes, like tokens, take several minutes to appear after they have been uploaded.

With maps, which are sometimes 2-3 M-bytes, it takes hours for the files to upload, and I have to turn Skwyre off and on again to see any change.

This seems to happen across platforms, and whether I have one iteration up or several. With Skwyre on my Desktop, laptop and tablet, I can have three iterations on at once, although when uploading I have only one platform on at a time.


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    Its probably finishing, just not refreshing the list of uploaded files. If after an appropriate time (for the speed of your connection) the uploaded image doesnt show up, I'd just restart skwyre and see if its there. 2-3 meg files shouldn't be a problem.

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