Blank lines with checkboxes

When I use the following program....

Table: Temples
Set: TSize = [@TempleSize]
[when]{$TSize}=Shrine [do]{$TSize} {1d6} Gold[end]
[when]{$TSize}=Small Temple [do]{$TSize} {1D6*5} Gold[end]
[when]{$TSize}=Standard Temple [do]{$TSize} {1D6*10} Gold[end]
[when]{$TSize}=Large Temple [do]{$TSize} {1D6*50} Gold[end]

Table: TempleSize
Type: Lookup
Roll: 1d6
2-3:Small Temple
4-5:Standard Temple
6:Large Temple

... I get a number of blank lines with checkboxes in between the other results. I can't figure out what''s causing them, so help would be most appreciated.




  • The when's need to be on the same line. Remember, each line is a separate item in the table. So if you spread the whens across multiple lines, each one will be treated as an individual table item, and only evaluated if the 'When' clause is true if that line is randomly selected.

    If the whens get very complex and you need to separate them into multiple lines, be sure to use the line continuation character, &
  • Thanks! That solved the problem.

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