"Fill and Line Colors" colors all changed to black

Hi all,

I was using FM recently and noticed that, for some reason, all the colors on the bottom toolbar have been set to black. They normally used to show up something like this (the bar of colors at the bottom):

This was the default I was given, and it was a good set for what I was using. Now that all my colors on that bottom toolbar have all been set to black, I struggle with getting the right color for my map.

Is there any easy way to get the default colors back, other than finding a better image of the defaults and eyeballing it? If anyone has the RGB values for each of these colors, it'd be much appreciated


  • You can run this registry file and it will reset the color bar. Just save the file and then double click it to launch it in the registry editor. It'll give you a warning abut altering system settings - click yes.

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