Request or advice please!

I'm writing a series of books and I needed a map, mainly for myself at first, but now I'm thinking I might take it a step further and make it the cover of my first book. I bought FM8 yesterday, used the Fractal World Explorer and painted and tweaked a world to fit the one I hand drew and then imported it into FM8 just like the video on youtube explained and I'm loving it. I would, however, like to import it into Photoshop with the layers in place to fancy it up. I don't see any way to save as a PSD file or export to one. I do see I can export as PNG but if I do that I still lose layers and would have to do a ton more work to get it to do what I want. Is there a plug in or anything available to make a fmp file into a psd? Or is this something I can suggest for the future? It would be so cool. Thanks in advance! :)


  • No, I'm sorry, there's no way to convert an FM map to a PSD with layers.

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