Problems calling external table

I'm having problems getting this table to call an external table. Each of the tables involved reside in this directory: C:\Program Files\nbos\InspirationPadPro2\Common\MnM

Use: MnM/UnusualCreatures.ipt

Table: Creatures

UnusualCreatures.ipt works on its own.

Any help would be very welcome!

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy Chanukah, etc., and Festivus to the Rest of Us!


  • You're using the file name for the table being rolled on.

    You dont need to do that. Just use the name of the table in the included file. Once you 'include' an external file, you call its tables just as if they were in the main file.

    So if you have a table named 'makecreature' in unusualcreatures.ipt, you just call it like

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