Jörðgarð Map of Week #288 - Dragonwood Ruins

The 288th Map of the Week is a battlemap that shows the ruins of a settlement known Dragonwood, or Ásbjörn's Wood, as it originally was called. In the ruins a PC group will be able to find the corpses of two humans and two orcs as well as the headless body of a male draug. There is no trace of the draug's missing head. The bodies appear to have been dead for about one day. It appears that the two humans and no doubt their companions were in a skirmish with the draug and the orcs. The tracks of two other orcs lead southward from the ruin where the dead orcs and the headless draug lie. Tracks of three humans lead northward from the point where the two dead humans lie.

Before and during the Great Wars, Ásbjörn's Wood was the ruling seat of the Æsir Southwood Barony. It gained its new name, at least in popular usage, in the later days of the wars, when the dragon þurí came from the north and appeared to have settled somewhere near the town. She never attacked the town, although she flew over it frequently. In the final years of the wars, the villagers lived in fear of þurí, although they never were attacked by her.

Ásbjörn's Wood had a population of more than 2,000 in its best times. It was a bustling center for trade, artisans, farmers and loggers. Today it is visited frequently by small bands of orcs, but nothing lairs there. During its glory days, it was small but rich, with a walled inner town and a small baronial castle. All that remains of the wall today are four arches over the fading trails that once were roads into the town center. There also still are the foundations the baronial castle, a wizard's tower and other structures of no longer known usage. There are dank cellar levels below the castle and tower ruins. When they are in the remnants of Dragonwood, draugs and their orcs lair by day in these cellars.

Key to the Map of the Ruins:

  1. Two Dead Humans. They appear to have been slain by poisoned arrows. The fallen both are male, one probably a warrior, the other perhaps a spellcaster. All valuables, if any, were removed from their bodies. The ring of stones north of the corpses, about a yard/meter high, are the remnants of a wizard's tower.

  2. The Beheaded Draug and Two Dead Orcs. They are in and near the remnants of the wall of the old baronial castle. The wall ruins vary in height from 3 to 5 feet/90 to 150 cm. There is no trace of the draug's head. The two orcs, probably warriors, were slain by arrows. Any valuables that the three might have had were removed from the bodies.

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