Skwyre Preview #2 now available

The second Preview release of Skwyre is now available.

This update includes:
- Hex grid support, as well as black/white grid color
- Faster rendering, especially on slower mobile devices
- Improved asset handling.
- Fixed the pinch zoom on touch devices
- A number of other smaller changes.

Its recommended that you uninstall the previous Preview edition before installing this update.

You can get the update here:


  • It's faster and so far, very nice.
    Is it possible to have one user have total control and hide areas with a mask of some sort?

  • What are the things you want tested in particular?

  • Glad you like!

    Masking is something I haven't figured out how to approach quite yet. Its simple enough to put a layer over the graphic for that, but its tough to prevent little flashes of the underlying graphic as things load/render. So that one is a work in progress.

    One thing I do intend on adding is kind of the opposite - basically letting the GM 'paint' grid cells with backgrounds so that its easier to draw out simple battle maps as they are needed.

    For testing, any general usage feedback / concerns is helpful. I'm primarily concerned that the server is stable and responsive under realistic usage. I've fixed a deadlock in the server, so it should stop cutting out every so often.

    Since this most recent preview, I've made some significant GUI improvements. The slide-in menu at the top, for example, is now replaced with what I think is a nicer looking drawing palette. Uploads now have progress bars. Desktop builds support right clicking. And I'm finishing up on an updated dice roller (the one that's there now was intended as a place holder). So there will probably be a new one in a couple of weeks.

  • Hi Ed,
    I have sent the link to our gaming group - we are looking at using it with AD&D1st edition with graphics from Mike Schley. The elements that need to be addressed are -
    (1) Non-Interactive maps/displays that are automatically full screen - think of a background display that just sits there as a placeholder or images that give flavour to what the players are doing.
    (2) Character Sheet display of some kind with a database if possible - I am a DBA and I can recommend firebirdSQL for this sort of thing for speed, power and flexibility. If you are using the character sheet designer as the basis, I have quite a few little quibbles about that programs interface that would be quick to fix.
    (3) embedded web browser to pull up specific dm specified resources - ie, character sheets or game rules etc. So, the dm(s) can send an instruction and voila, all players jump to the particular web page as a tab/map
    (4) The already mentioned masking or client side alpha png that can be centred on certain graphic elements - ie, a characters icon - it gets progressively darker the farther it is from the centre. This would work on the client vs the server so should keep the work load down.
    (5) A pre-loaded map that is setup with all the background, graphics etc, but, is then saved offline and not displayed to the users until the dm tells it to load - this removes the ability of the players to look ahead, while letting the dm get all the prep work done before game play.

    Best regards


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