Resolution on battle map?

I can't seem to get my battle map uploaded. I can load backgrounds just fine, but when I try to use my own custom map, it makes it appear small on the center of the screen, hardly taking up even 1/4 of the screen. What resolution does my image need to be? Is Png better or worse than JPEG? I guess the simplest question is, how many pixels tall and wide does the image need to be to cover the whole map?
Thank you


  • The 'table' size is an image that's 4000x4000 pixels, and uses a resolution of 10 pixels per foot. So the table represents an area that's 400x400 feet. Any image can be used - it doesn't have to be 4000x4000 pixels in size. You can use one that's 2000x2000 for example, it just won't fill the whole area. But to match the scale of the map, it needs to be 10 pixels per foot. If you use Fractal Mapper, there's a few template files in the sticky post at the top of this category.

    Either PNG or JPEG should be fine. JPEGs will generally give a smaller file size on 'busy' maps (lots of textures, no solid areas), whereas PNGs will often give small file sizes if the image has blocks of solid color. I would try both, and then upload the smallest.

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