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Didn't see any mention as to whether the following short-comings of FM7 were fixed in FM8, so I figured I'd ask before deciding on whether to upgrade or not:
  • Is it possible to permanently merge two fractal polygons into one so that the resulting shape consists only of the vertices along the edges of the two poygons? (In FM7, the resulting shape still has vertices on the insides of the new polygon from where the polys overlapped.)
  • When selecting either a group of polygons, or manually selecting multiple polygons, do they rotate as an actual group in a uniform direction about a common center? (In FM7, when multiple polys or a group are selected and you use the rotate tool, each poly rotates about its individual center. If a poly has been flipped/mirrored, it will rotate in the opposite direction from those that have their original orientation.)



  • FM8 supports combining polygons together (and several similar operations)... but I believe that was also supported in FM7.

    The rotation tool rotates objects around a center point.
  • Hmm, that's not quite as detailed of an answer as I would have liked, but thanks for the prompt reply.

    I guess I'll see how it works soon enough, I just discovered my old FM7 installer won't run on Win7 x64.

    Off to Paizo I go...
  • OK, rotation works much better now than in 7 in that all selected objects rotate as one. Unfortunately there is still the big problem of flipped/mirrored objects rotating in the opposite direction of everything else. :(

    The combine poly feature also appears to be unchanged from FM7, but that's less of a problem.

    Any chance that the inconsistent rotation issue can be addressed in the next patch? I can record a video of the problem if it would help...
  • If you purchased from someplace like RPGNow, you may still be able to re-download the FM7 installer, which was updated at one point to use a different installation system that runs fine under 64bit Windows. If you have a CD, the full installation directory is included, uncompressed. You can copy that over directly to your machine - you'll just have to make the shortcuts manually. The old installer is self-extracting zip file, so you can actually open it like a zip file using winzip.

    I can add the rotation thing to a list to look at, but I dont know when the next patch will be released, or what it will contain.

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