Combining Polygons

First I used a fractal line to make my coasts, but when I tried to fill in the water and land, there was a gap. So I read someone's advice that it would be easier to make polygons and combine them to create the coast lines. I did that, and now I need to combine the polygons. However, the only feature I can find to do that doesn't actually fully combine the polygons. The help menu even says that adding too many together can really slow down a computer (which it is definitely doing).

Is there a way to combine polygons into a single polygon instead of the complex "polypolygons"?


  • The easiest way to do it is to use the Fractal Polygon tool to draw the entire land mass as a single object. You don't have to get the shape perfect if you are trying to duplicate or trace over an existing map. You can get close, and then adjust it, moving, adding, and deleting nodes as needed.

    If you want to use lines, you'll need to enable one of the snapping options (probably Proximity Snap) so that the end points will join together.

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