I need help with a filter.

I have a generator that generates the name, profession, and other personality traits/quirks. In this generator it has a "Name Builder" that generates a name. I want it to add a list of names instead of one name.
I found one that should work it is [!5 Name Builder >> implode] and it should generate 5 names from the Name Builder table, but it doesn't. At most it will generate two names and leave the rest as blank spaces separated by a comma.
A result might be: "Tom, Bob, , , ". I can do two names easily enough but anything more than that is shown as a blank space.

Any ideas?


  • I get 5 every time. Is Name Builder table just a simple list of names? Seems more likely there is a problem with the table than with the call [!5 Name Builder >> implode]. Here's a piece of test code:

    ; test 3.ipt
    ; created 9/24/2017 11:49:20 PM
    ; testing prompt; testing [W bug; testing [!5 TABLE >> implode]
    Prompt: Level { } 3

    Use: /nbos/names/Taverns.ipt

    Table: Main
    [ Wealth >>Bold] {$prompt1} [!5 WarmBreeds >> implode]

    Table: WarmBreeds
    American Albino
    American Indian
    Appaloosa //14.75 - 16 hh; Snowflake, Leopard, Frost, Marble
    Austrailian Stock
    Bankers Horse
    Cleveland Bay
    Florida Cracker
    Irish Hunter
    Missouri Fox Trotter //14 - 16 hh; Chestnut, All

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