Vintyri Symbol Set 5 Released

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The Vintyri (TM) Project has released the free and open Symbol Set 5 of the Vintyri Cartographic Collection. With this symbol set, Version 1.0 of the collection now is complete. That doesn't mean that that the project won't be releasing any more symbols or mapping tools; we will, as we make them. It just means that the complete, free and open Vintyri Cartographic Collection Version 1.0 now is available for download.

However, don't look for new symbols in the near future. We now have all steam pops open to get our next product out as soon as possible: Our free and open tutorial for raster mapping of overland areas, cities and villages and encounter scenarios with Fractal Mapper 8 and for creating your own raster symbols, etc., for Fractal Mapper 8 with help from the free Paint.NET program. Loose, non-binding time estimate: Within a month.

Symbol Set 5 includes FM8 raster symbols in the roof styles brown and light beaver tail clay tile and slate tile. The structures include a barracks, castles, town halls, temples and everything you need to put together compounds such as monasteries, garrisons, large city castles, etc. The package includes 115 symbols and it has a download size of 72 MB.

Before I say more about the collection, one additional important point: Some FM8 users have had issues with the resolution of Vintyri symbols on large zoom-ins. The web site has a page on issues that will tell you how to resolve these problems quickly and easily if they apply in your case.

Accompanying the symbol set and available for download is a free and open 56-page PDF (see the cover above) that gives you tips on how to apply these symbols in your maps and RPG, historical data on the real-world prototypes that served as models for the new buildings and photos of many of these prototypes.

Those of you who make your own FM8 symbols may also find some interesting new ideas in these photos.

The complete collection with a set of 41 raster fills and more than 1,000 raster symbols has a total download size of 471 MB. The fills and each of the five symbol sets can be downloaded separately. You also can view the symbol catalogs online before downloading, to decide which suit your needs.

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  • Awesome as always Mark! These are tremendous resources for map makers!!!

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