File path question

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Can you edit the file path of an item in the keep if you have moved it?


  • The keep makes its own copy of any files you put into the library. So if you move (or change) the original, it won't effect the one in the keep.
  • Yeah if you didn't turn on the option for it NOT too when you first started creating your database... ;)

    I have it configured to make its own copy now but I have a few other items and documents that reference a direct file path and I want to reorganize things. It would be great to be able to change the file path without having to recreate everything.
  • Nobdy? Nothing?
  • Best thing to do in this case if you have it set to use external file references like that, is delete the node for the old file position, and add a new one back in for the new position. The only way to actually change the path to the file when using 'external' file references is to directly change it in the sqlite database using some database tool.

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