Looking for a VTT solution - think I found it!

My current face-to-face gaming group has stopped playing (people having children - mine are adults now). I have friends from across the country that I use to play with. We have been looking for a solution that will let us play together.

**Skwyre ** looks like it will meet our needs.

Need List:

Nice to Have List:

  • Ability to have preset encounters (map, tokens, etc.)
  • Ability to import maps that are PDFs in addition to standard graphic files (jpg, png, etc)
  • Simple macros for dice rolling
    ** We play Hero Games and there are two kinds of damage rolls, Normal and Killing.
  • Ability to share media with players
  • Inspiration Pad Pro integration so that I can just point Skwyre to my existing set of random generators I created using IPP3.0

Dream feature

  • Ability to set up my own server, so I can host my games and not worry about your server availability. Especially if I can install it on the host system where my website resides and I have a ton of available disk space and CPU cycles available to me.

Part of my NOT list (i.e. I don't need these features):

  • Character sheets
  • Managing the actual combat (i.e. Token A swings at Token B and hits based on dice roll and then Token A rolls for damage and the program automatically updates Token B's stats)

Oh and Please Take my $ soon :smiley:


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