How do I install .ipt files

Out of the archive, IPP lists 3 categories each with a few options. I downloaded two more .ipt files and want to add them to one of the three categories. I cannot seem to find any location where placing them adds them to the list. Read the doc sheet and all I can find is putting them in the generators folder. There wasn't one and so I created it, dropped in my two .ipt files and started up IPP....the two new ones were there, but the original 3 folders with sub-options setup was now gone. At this point, I am VERY confused.


  • Finally figured it out. For some unknown reason, a network install (I use Google Drive) leaves the COMMON and GENERATORS on the local PC. Copied them to the Drive directory and deleted off the PC. NOW it lets me add and remove individual .ipt's as well as lets me recategorize them.

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