Saving Gen results as .htm

Hey folk

This is almost embarrassing to ask, but, I'm curious why when saving generated results the saved htm file is completely blank. When viewing source from the browser. Yes, it will save results as a txt file, Yes, these txt files may then be converted into html, but it just seems redundant to need to preform a task that the app appears to use as a default save option. Any advise with this would be appreciated.



  • My results are saving fine as html. Showing up on Win10 File Explorer preview pane and showing up when opening html in Chrome browser.

  • Works fine for me too, Windows 7 and Firefox.

  • Don't know why, but when I save to html, it's blank. The file extension works out fine, so I can open it in both Chrome, and Firefox [Win 8.1] Viewing the file source code as view source in both browsers, and in a text editor shows the same blank file. I guess I'l attempt a re install, and see where that leads.

    Thanks for the follow up regardless.

  • Fresh desk, and portable version install saves fine. IDK, guessing that the first installation was just rolling natch 1's. Now .... moving day for .ipt's.


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