Richards FWE to FM8 to Submap thread

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I guess this would be kind-of a tutorial...

First off, I generated a small FWE map, after several random generations, I found this to be of my liking...

I did do a little bit of editing to get rid of a fractal "ridge" that sometimes occurs. I just brushed it out within FWE.

Now I need to line up the map to present the best FM8 export. You don't want to cut your continents off at the map-edge, if you can, find an ocean region to set your edge to... I nudged the map over using the little arrows " << < > >> "next to the top toolbar. Make sure you do this AFTER you enlarge the map to your desired size, otherwise it will reset any edits you made.

Now its time to export... you can choose to have as much or as little contour detail for the export. I prefer to have "some" contour but not massive detail contour. As a personal preference I got rid of the Ice as well.

This is the result of the export into FM... next I will do some color changes, details... and some regional submaps

1.jpg 75.7K
2.jpg 82.9K
3.jpg 81.7K
5.jpg 113.7K


  • Ok, to continue...
    Time to change the colors...
    "Edit> Select by Example" and you can grab the landmasses with the same fill color and swap them out to a new color.

    I added a new layer just for my Region names for naming my continents:

    After naming all my continents (you can also add more detail, but I'm just doing this quickly as an example) you can then select areas or zoom into an area to be cropped out as a submap:

    Now you can open up the created submap as a new fmp file and start adding more details to the new map...

    Rivers and softer Mountain contours...

    Then add more symbols, you can also (zoom in, or select) submap this map further to add more details to a new, smaller region map.

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