Related Names Generator

This generator uses the Human.ipt common generator to provide a list of similar sounding and structured names. It will provide any number of names derived from the first name generated. This may be useful to some when generating names of sequential dynastic rulers, brothers, or other groups of names where descendants or kinfolk have similar names. Generally, I'll set it to run more names than I need, and keep the best sounding of the bunch.!Amd5j_tEzLgZsAHsS9BiL8yO1dbg

Here's a little easier to read version using the >>implode<br>] from another post. It's limited to maxreps=1 so that it only returns one list of names each time it's executed. Link and output below:!Amd5j_tEzLgZsAqQVBfRCnuplaOe

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