Checked box = a value?

I want to make a checked box = the value of 3.

When doing mathematics for skill rank totals i was able to get it to register that the Checked box adds a 1. But i would like the checked box to have a value of 3 instead. Is there a way to give a checked box a set value, what is the code for that. I'm not Java savvy yet, so if there is a way to do it with the rudimentary Excel-ish thing you got going for the program that would be best.

if you do have a java code for me to make a checked box = a value, can you please put the complete function so i don't have to guess how to write it in.


  • I figured out a solution. I'll Share it here for anyone else who might be interested.
    So in the box i labeled Total I had the Base, Mod and The checked box's name in there.
    To include all three checks into total i did
    Base+Check Mod+Check +Check
    Which gave me a three. Probably only would work for this particular number of entries. I did try to put in the total area +check +check +check But it did not work.

    Anyway... yeah... that was my hotfix, if you have any other solutions i'd still love to hear them.

  • Couldn't you do "if([checkbox field] = TRUE, 3, 0)"?

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