Trouble logging in and posting

Anyone having trouble with login and posting on the forum??? Well, if you are having issues, chances are you can't reply to this post.

I have had issues since maybe December. First with login, which I fixed somehow (I tried a lot of stuff in Chrome settings, Windows settings, allow popups...finally it worked, and I'm not sure which fix did it).

Still, I have issues posting or replying to a post. I've narrowed this down to MalewareBytes web protection. I have to disable the active web protection service to post or reply (obviously, or I wouldn't be posting this now). Anyway, their interface doesn't like these forums much (as of December), and they don't offer a way to "whitelist" a complete domain, like "*". They DO offer a way to whitelist complete IP Addresses. It's up to Ed if he wants to post all possible IP addresses, so we can whitelist them. I don't know if that would cause NBOS security issues or if it's even possible, so that may not be a good idea.

Anyway, if you're having the same issues, try to disable your local web protection while you post or reply. It's an easy workaround.


  • I use MalwareBytes as well, but haven't had any problems. But I'm also usually using Firefox, so it might be different than what's happening on Chrome. The NBOS forum is a pretty generic Vanilla forum - just a run of the mill PHP application.

    If you want to whitelist the ip, its Hopefully that will do the trick.

  • Thanks for the reply, Ed. I really think it's just a problem with my personal MB setting or installation (and this did begin well before their memory leak episode last week, and before Win10 Creators update caused smoke to come out of my laptop...).

    It's definitely isolated to MB web protection, and I really don't think their Exclusion list is doing anything on my system - not only having trouble with and your IP, also several other sites that I have used for years.

    So, if you happen to see me posting, know that you do have a narrow window to hack my system. There... I've issued the challenge to all. Haha.

  • My MalwareBytes just updated, and security problems are gone. Here's the version that it just updated to:


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