IPP output to a ".character" Character Sheet Designer file.

This may be a little beyond the scope of the software, but...

Wouldn't it be nice to "html-code" a button in the results display of IPP, such that there was an active button for each "rep" of IPP results output. When the button was clicked in the results view, that particular result (rep) would be exported to a properly structured ".character" file. Now, of course, IPP would have to have field identifiers in its tables for each piece of text output, and those would have to map exactly to field names in a ".csd" template.

The ideas is: have a generator that, say, creates stats or equipment for an NPC and run the generator with 25 reps of output. Pick a generator result NPC you like, click the trigger button and initialize that rep result to export into a functional ".character" file. Open the file in Character Sheet Viewer (other fields on the sheet will calculate and execute with the new stat data) and you've got yourself a nice printable NPC, or arch-monster/big-boss with special stats, or PC. Or use Character Sheet Designer as simply a template to format, present, print, and run calculations on something (like a City description) from a generator.

Maybe a bit much for the software to handle, but I thought I'd ask.


  • That would be awesome - but a ton of work to implement, I'm sure.

    Nightblade ->--

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