Invalid Typecast

I'm trying to create a character sheet for the Marvel Superheroes RPG put out by TSR way, way back in the old back.

One of the things I'm trying to add to the sheet is to show what is necessary to succeed on a Power Stunt (I'm using 5 Power Stunts in my game instead of the standard 10). To do this, I'm using one drop-down list field that has numbers 0-5, and another field that uses nested if/then statements, depending on the number selected in that field.

So the nested statement is...

if(Power1Stunt1 = 0, "Red FEAT + 100 Karma", if(Power1Stunt1 = 1, "Yellow FEAT + 100 Karma", if(Power1Stunt1 < 5, "Green FEAT + 100 Karma", "New power@ Power 1-1CS!"

But the Debug log shows a "Native Expression Error" of "Invalid Typecast" for all iterations of this code. Weird thing is that it actually works, but still issues this error. Any ideas.


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