Some minor issues upgrading from KP1 to KP2

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Hello all!

I've just imported my campaign from TheKeep 1.01c to TheKeep 2.01c and I have two problems:
* Every time The Keep loads my campaign, I got a "division by zero" issue I don't know where it comes from... Is there any logs somewhere I can read to identify the issue?
* As a french user, I write in french in my campaign. Obviously. But where accentuated characters where correct in KP1, there is an interrogation mark in KP2. By chance, this only affects entry titles, and not full content... :)

I hope someone could help on these!

My setings: Windows10 up-to-date, french language and local, very high-end PC...


P.S.: I noticed when I create a new tab, then select a topic (anyone), I got the "Division by zero" error popup. Then I can close this error message a select again the desired topic to get it displayed in the new tab... And when I close and restart TheKeep, I got the div/0 issue AND I lost all my tabs, event the default one which says "loading...". Ask me for a video or anything that can help to trace and debug, if that may help.


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    I noticed that when I want to create a Quick Log button, it always results in a "Access violation at address 00B2A769 in module 'KeepCM2.exe'. Read of address 00000008


  • Also, files (images) attached which name contains accentuated characters cannot be displayed (the last image displayed is shown with no action available).

  • 2018-03-28
    Yes, KP2 is more bugy than KP1. Some usefully formating features were removed and some working features has breaked. I use Czech language into Fractal Maper files (displayed from KP2). In KP1 OK, in KP2 breaked (not correct show/decode Unicode character). This problem (and more) was reported years ago, but not repaired.

    Please check version 2.10d (build 1388), some acces violation bugs has repaired in newer builds.

    I'm afraid that import is not 100% and must be corrected manually (KP2 Unicode problem). :'(

    I wrote at least KP2 workaround for Unicode text display into FM8 files:
    * Open and edit .FMP file into FM8.
    * Select text content Unicode character and add some bitmap effect (i.e.: Blur: With 0) and Apply.
    (This feature rasterize text with minimum add effects.)
    * If You prefer better qualitty select: Map-Display Quality-Special Effects Medium Res (or High Res - but this global setting can create some artifacts in other map parts).
    * Save and check in KP2.

    Note: Rasterization significantly negative impacts text visual quality (bad antialiasing in FM8 - only inner, no outer conture) and increase the output .FMP file. Minimal (greather than zero) Blur effect partially can simulate antialiasing.

  • Hi, Toxman!

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I did not yet reported my issues to the support (only the forum, which is a bad behaviour) ;) as I'm missing time to make things clear.

    But I'll make a small project to help them find the unicode issue.

    BTW, I'll have to updates all my stuff manually, as you mentioned, because I do not use FM8 for my campaign thus I can't use your workarround.

    Many thanks for sharing this, anyway! I'm sure some readers may be interested in your solution!

    Note that I got a weiiiiird behaviour: I own two computer where KP2 is installed. And I tried migration on both of them. Well... Actually, on the first one, I got many memory violation while on the other, all go fine... I can't get this (same Windows, etc...)

    Best regards,

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