How to make drop down menus change number stats

I recently started using the character designer and I was wondering if It was possible to make it so that when one option out of a drop down list is selected (such as what class or race), it changes the characters stats.


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    maybe it'll add like +3 to wisdom or -1 to dexterity if I select the mage

  • Yes, you can do that. Look at the 3-page character sheet example. Specifically the first page - the 'worksheet'. The Classes section has drop downs that update the hit dice field next to it.

  • I'm trying to do this same thing but I'm having trouble understanding how this works (I should point out that I am new to JavaScript).

    In the character sheet example, the first Class field (hd1) has as its source: js:Lookup( 'SRDClasses', Level1.Text, 'HD'). If I read this correctly, this means to use the JS Lookup function to consult SRDClasses and compare whatever is contained in SRDClasses against whatever text has been selected in the field Level1 and apply it to the hd1 field. Is that right so far?

    Assuming I have that right, two things are confusing me. First, what is SRDClasses? Is it some kind of list? It is selectable in the list dropdown for the field Level1, but there's no list with that name in the list manager so I don't know what the contents of SRDClasses would be.

    I also don't know what the component 'HD' in the source is used for. There's an HD label above the hd1 field, but I can't figure out how that would be relevant.

    Oh and I guess there's one more thing I was wondering about. As this all involves JavaScript does anything involving this procedure need to be defined on the Script page of the character sheet?


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