A few quick questions

I just had a few quick questions, I have been trying to figure them out myself but have been... unsuccessful.

  1. Is there a way to generate planetary surface terrain through the API? There are a couple plugins that try to do this but don't seem to do anything in AS3. Specifically, they seem to be calling GenerateFWESurfaceMap to no effect. (which isn't in the API but oddly doesn't throw an error) ((Bonus points if this can be done with Fractal Terrains 3 [FT3]))
  2. Is it possible to import the changes done in FT3, or do they have to be imported manually? (Image Preview)
  3. Regardless of 2., is there a way to get access to the map that FT3 generates from a plugin?

I apologize if these have been answered before. ANy insight into these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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