Making round numbers

How do I make the values always round up the numbers? My sheet has a lot of calculations and some final results of the equations end up in numbers with huge digits after the comma that makes other values impossible to read


  • Use the round function in the Field Source box. It's been forever since I did any designing in CSD, but here's an example where I calculated the HP's for a horse using other user entered data about the horse, then rounded to the nearest whole number:

    round (size.value+ if (temperment='Hot-blooded', -1, if (temperment='Cold-blooded', 1, 0))+ if (Gender='Mare', -0.5, if (Gender='Gelding', 0.25, 0)), 0)+ if (SpecTraining.text='War Horse', 3, 0)

    Now, it's been a while, but it looks as simple as:


    I've just got a bunch of IF statements in my expression above.

    Hope this helps

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