Silent assignment displaying - sometimes

This is part of a more complicated generator in progress, but I've distilled it down to two nearly identical examples, one of which works, and the other of which does not. What's quoted below is the entire contents of two separate .ipt files, I removed everything else to just have a test case.

Table: test2
Pr [Presence={round(3d100/3)}][RealmStat=={$Presence}]

Sample output:
Pr 58

Table: test
Co [Constitution={round(3d100/3)}][WorstStat=={$Constitution}]

Sample output:
Co 67[WorstStat==67]

Why does [WorstStat==67] show up in the latter example, but not [RealmStat==58] in the former example?

I can rename "Constitution" to "Cons" without making a difference. I can rename "WorstStat" to "ws" or "WStat" without making a difference. If I rename "WorstStat" to "RealmStat", however, it magically works. It appears, in fact, that I can rename it to any variable name I want as long as it doesn't start with "w". But if it does start with "w", it doesn't work.

Is this maybe getting tripped up because [W is too similar to [when]?


  • Wasn't there a thread about a leading "W" making things go bonkers? I'll look and see if I can find that. The fix was to put a space before the leading "W", I think. I'll follow back on this one when I find that old thread.

  • Yup... try [ WorstStat== ...
    Note the space between the open bracket and the W.

    Also, search IPP Forum using the search term "Wealth" for a thread from September 2017 to see a discussion of the [W issue.

  • Ah, thanks. Known bug then...

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