Set visibility

Is there a way of setting the visibility? I'd like to temporarily hide shows that are not selected for clarity. I tried this script but all the stars are still visible.

plugin Hide Stars

author DMK

desc Hides the stars

sector = GetCurrentSector()
j = sector.SystemCount

For i = 1 to j
o = sector.GetSystem( i-1)
o.Modified = true
o.visible = false

If i mod 500 = 0 Then
    sector.RenderMessageBig = "Updating stars: " & Int( (i / j) * 100) & "%"
    sector.RenderMessageSmall = "Press Esc to cancel"

    'check Cancel
    k = GetKey()
    if k = 27 then Exit For

End If


sector.RenderMessageBig = ""
sector.RenderMessageSmall = ""



  • edited June 2018

    Make sure Filters -> Hide Filtered Systems is set in the menu. That might be causing it to show systems set to not visible. I think the default may be to just hide the labels.

  • Thanks Ed. It was set (ticked) but when I clicked on it again it DID hide them.

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