Probably easy--exploding dice

I'd like to see code about exploding dice. An exploding d6 is rolled, and if a 6 is rolled, it's rolled again and the new number added to a running total. If the NEW roll is a 6, the process repeats, only ending when a 6 fails to roll.

I'm not good enough with IPP yet to figure out how to do this. There was a similar code example a couple years ago, but the ASCII and my general incompetence have kept me from understanding it properly. It's also not quite what I want.

Programs such as Roll20 incorporate exploding dice as a feature. You can call 6d6e, I think it is, and it will roll 6 dice and explode each. This might be something IPP could also incorporate as a native command. It's increasingly common as a design element in various RPGs (World of Darkness, Shadowrun, etc.)


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    There's a previous thread on exploding dice. Try "Open ended dice rolls" in the search bar. I'm pretty sure I posted some code that worked for it. When I have a chance I can repost the code. The one I posted I think is for 1d100, and the user can enter a value of when to re-roll and add results (for instance only reroll on a 100 or reroll any number over 95... whatever the user chooses at the prompt). It would be a good exercise learning IPP to load that code and edit it (simplify it) to operate for a 1d6 instead. Good Luck!

  • Oooh...looks promising. Will give it a go! Thanks!

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