ID'ing fill patterns in the program

Is there a way to identify the fill patterns from within FM8? I can look at the patterns with File Explorer and see that a given pattern is Jungle_01_V, but don't see a way to ID them when selecting a pattern from the Fill Style selector.

Thanks in advance


  • I'm glad that you brought this up. It's something that I had intended to suggest to Ed Diana for FM9 and forgot. Being able to see the file name of a fill and also of a symbol at selection time would save a lot of time in some cases.

    As to your question, I'm willing to be surprised, but I'm rather certain that the answer is no.

  • Mark, FM9 will show the symbol name if you hover over it in the palette. Its supposed to be doing that in FM8, but it wasn't working. I'll see what I can do for fill patterns as well. But no, right now there isn't a way of identifying it.

  • I guess one work around is to put the relevant files in folders labeled: Desert, Mountains, Hills, etc.

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