New Globe Viewer v4 Available

edited September 2018 in Fractal Mapper General

Hot off the presses!

This is an updated Globe Viewer for use with Fractal Mapper and Fractal World Explorer. A lot of folks have reported problems with the existing Globe Viewer(s) on newer machines. This should work much better on them.

This installer will automatically configure FM and FWE to use this new viewer. If you need to revert back to the older one, you can launch the older viewer manually via File Explorer, and it should reset everything back.

Let me know how it goes!


  • Not sure that I ever had an issue with the old viewer, but this one installed and works just fine. New machine - Win 10, 64-bit, Intel i7 8th gen processor, not sure of graphics card (probably built-in intel). Thanks for the update!

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