Percents to whole numbers

I'm designing a character sheet for my own tabletop RPG that depends heavily on % values; however, I can't seem to get rid of the decimal remainder after the calculation, which is making the other values on the sheet hard to read. Here's what I'm doing to get % value= Attribute rank*3.3. Max rank is 30 so the top end works out to 99; certain numbers return the remainder into a decimal. Can someone please, without convoluted JavaScript, simply explain how to get rid of the numbers behind the decimal point.


  • What you can do is multiply it by 100, and round it to 0 decimal places. If its a field formula, you can use the round() function. If its in JavaScript, you can use Math.round().

  • Thank you, I was incorrectly using the round function. this helped clear that problem up. I'll most likely be back with more inquiries in the future

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