Not a valid floating point value

I have have a prompt with
Prombt: Text{A1|A2|A3|...|BU92}A1

If I select something with "E", doesnt matter with number then come, i.e. E33, it shows me this Error:
'E33' is not a valid floating point value

how could that happen?

All other Numbres are working i.e. AE33

thanks you for any ideas


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    I'm guessing it is interpreting it as a Scientific Notation number, not text (even though you are defining as text). As in 8E03 is scientific notation for 8 x 10^3 or 8,000.

    If this is the case, a workaround could be to show the text as 'E33 or *E33 or find a more definitive way to define it as text instead of numeric (not sure how you could do that any better than Text{E33} , except wherever you call $Prompt1 later in the code, you maybe could try calling it as Text{$Prompt1}.

  • Confirmed - it's a scientific notation thing. In your prompt selection, just put the E33 in "literal text" brackets, as in [E33] and everything works fine. Run this example to demonstrate:

    ; Test Scientific Notation.ipt
    ; created 9/20/2018 10:48:53 AM
    Prompt: Select 1 {A2|E13|D4|K12} A2
    Prompt: Select 2 {2E03|4E02|5E4} 3E02
    Prompt: Select 3 {A2|[E13]|D4|K12} [E13]
    Table: Main
    {$Prompt1}, {$Prompt2}, {$Prompt3}

    The first prompt is the ordinary method - selecting E13 causes the error that you identified.

    Prompt 2 demonstrates how proper scientific notation works - no error and returns an ordinary number.

    Prompt 3 demonstrates how to properly call E13 as literal text, not an improperly formatted scientific notation numeric value. The brackets do show up in the prompt pick list, but once picked, the value of {$Prompt3} is the three alpha-numeric characters E13.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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