More than 4 input prompts gives error

Not so much causes an error, but if I have more than 4 prompts for user input, none of the prompts shows up in the lower left sidebar menu, and even blanks out the whole left sidebar menus - forcing me to close down the program and reopen.

Following is the code in question, with remark semi-colon - ; - removing all but 4 of the prompts. Activate any 5 or more prompts at a time and I'm experiencing the issue.

Is there a limit of 4 user prompts in the software? I haven't read that anywhere in the help files. I'll also try searching for an existing generator that uses more than 4 prompts. Not sure I've seen one posted before.

Thanks in advance for any confirmation of the issue or work around ideas.

; Hit-or-Miss.ipt
; created 10/3/2018 9:11:23 AM
Header: Hit or Miss

Prompt: Hit or Miss {Hit|Miss} Miss
Prompt: Attacker Weapon {Bludgeon|Slash|Pierce} Slash
;Prompt: Attacker Method {Melee|Ranged} Melee
Prompt: Defender Armor {Textile|Mail|Plate and Mail|Plate} Textile
Prompt: Defender Armament {Unarmed|One-handed|Two-handed|Melee and Shield} One-handed
;Prompt: Defender AC {} 10
;Prompt: Attacker Hit Modifier {} 0
;Prompt: Attacker Advantage {Advantage|None|Disadvantage} None

Table: Inputs
;Hit or Miss: {prompt1}\nAttacker Weapon: {prompt2}\nDefender Armor: {prompt3}\nDefender Armament: {prompt4}
[when] {prompt1} = Hit[do] [@Hit] [else] [@Miss] [end] 

Table: Miss
Your attack missed the target[@Wiff]
10: [@Parry]

Table: Wiff
5: \_wide right.
5: \_wide left.
3: \_high.
10: . The defender dodged left.
10: . The defender dodged right. 
3: . The defender ducked under the attack.
10: . The defender backed away out of reach.
1: . The defender jumped over the attack.

Table: Parry
5: [when not] {prompt4} = Unarmed[do] Your attack was [|blocked|deflected] by the defender's weapon.[else] [@Miss][end]
10: [when] {prompt4} = Melee and Shield[do] Your attack was [|blocked|deflected] by the defender's shield.[else] [@Miss][end]
[when] {prompt4} = Unarmed[do] The defender [|grabs|knocks] your [|weapon|forearm], causing you to miss.[else] [@Parry][end]
[when] {prompt4} = One-handed[do] The defender [|grabs|knocks] your [|weapon|forearm] with its free hand, causing you to miss.[else] [@Parry][end]


  • Previously reported:

    I think it's a limitation in the software. You might need to collapse some of your options. E.g.

    Prompt: Attacker Weapon {Bludgeon|Slash|Pierce} Slash
    Prompt: Attacker Method {Melee|Ranged} Melee

    could become

    Prompt: Attacker Weapon {Bludgeon|Slash|Pierce|Ranged} Slash

  • Thanks. I missed that previous thread reporting the limit. I can narrow the scope of my generator - probably one for hit, one for miss, and melee only (or make ranged a selection as you illustrated).

    The main purpose of the generator will be to explain how someone might swing a mace at a humanoid and "miss". While you could have missed, it's more likely your swing was parried, deflected, or landed on an armored area. You might have "hit" a glancing blow, causing a purple bruise, but less that 1 hp of damage (i.e. 0 hp damage).

    Or, conversely, how did you "hit" for damage with a sword against an attacker in full plate? (I generally take an early/mid medieval version of armor in my normal fantasy world, so "full plate" is generally not "full" 15th/16th Century plate harness). Likely the generator will return that you found a joint between plates, or a location that was repaired prior in a defective manner, or landed the slashing blow on an unarmored/less armored location.

  • I do believe that was the hard coded limit for the number of prompts, I'm afraid. I never thought anyone would use more than that!

  • Not a problem, Ed. I was just trying to use IPP for more than it was intended - game aid, rather than just a generator. It's an awesome tool as-is, and there's always some way to get it to do what I'm trying. It'll just take a few specific generators, instead of a single do-all generator.

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