Stitching Multiple images

Hello all,
I am tactile and like to draw the basic shape by hand. I didn't have any big sheets so I drew it out on 16 legal size sheets of paper. I want to scan them and create one image that I can then manipulate. What is the best process to do this?


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    After you scan them in, you can place them on the map using File -> Place from the menu. Arrange them as needed on the map. Once you have them all in place, use the Fractal Polygon (not the Freehand Polygon) to trace over the landmass. Don't trace it exactly, just select points along the edge of the landmass. That will let the fractal algorithm fill in the detail and give you a better looking result. Set the Fractal Factor down to 2 or 3. Once you've traced over them, delete the background images.

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