I'm attempting to link out to a third party site for a result on my table and have the below code in the table as part of the results. The issue come when trying to use an external link the file path is added to the front of the url disabling this as usable.


I attempted using https:// but that captions the link out. Please let me know if there is something I'm over looking or this was an intended restriction.


  • Not sure about the reasons, but this appears to work:

    Table: test
    <a href="http:&#47;&#47;www.dndbeyond.com&#47;monsters&#47;Choker">Link</a>

    Note that I've replaced / with an escape code and also put it in the full html link rather than just a URL. Of course it doesn't quite work when it comes to loading that page because when you click the link IPP tries to open the link and can't quite handle the scripts on that page. But at least it creates a properly formed link.

  • This is perfect Thank You.

    I use this to pre roll and save so I can open in a browser so that will prevent the loading issues long term. Also for anyone trying to use this link just make sure it's "https" might get some errors when trying to login other wise.

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