Where do I upload new generators to?

I uploaded a generator a few years ago and I thought it was to the same place you can download the files from but apparently not. Not only can I not find the generator I uploaded but I am unable to find where to upload new generators?

Can anyone tell me where I can do this at?


  • Place generators in the folder (or subfolders below) Generators. Any generator called in Use: command should be located in Common (or a subfolder below Common).

    My IPP folder shown in the image below is located in my User\Documents folder. Not sure if that is default location or if I picked that spot during installation. But, it's nice because that folder backs-up with OneDrive, Carbonite, etc.

  • Maybe I read the question wrong. Online, you can upload generators to NOX. It can be found under the Community tab of the NBOS homepage. Here's a direct link: https://www.nbos.com/nox/index.php?pcatid=48

  • I don't think you can upload unless you have a registration code, and since IPP is free there is no registration code.... this may be why there are no IPP uploads since 2017.

    You can post them to the forum though.

  • You can upload them here if you'd like. NOX is on the agenda for a rewrite. But if you'd like to upload there, just drop me a line at the support email address and I'll send you a regcode/access code pair that you can use.

  • Ok, will do.

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