Is the Keep 2.0 beta update still available?

I've just installed the Keep on a brand new PC, switched to the Beta update stream in order to get the update, but it's still telling me there are no updates available.

That beta version is kind of a "must have" due to the built-in PDF reader. If you've ended support for The Keep (which would be entirely understandable given the age of the app) is there any chance you could make it available as a downloadable file rather than an online update?


  • It should still be live. What version of the keep do you have at the moment? (Help-About from the menu)

  • 2.01a

    Freshly re-downloaded from RPGNow/DriveThru

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    Ok, I figured out what was going on. Had nothing to do with The Keep or the Updates.

    It was actually related to how the site uses SSL, which is something that changed just recently. It was throwing off the update checker. I made a quick change on the server to address that.

    I just did a full run through of updates and it worked fine, so you should be good to go.

  • Yup, updated to 2.10d no problem.

    Really glad to hear that The Keep is still being supported.

  • Yup, updated to 2.10d no problem, thank-you.

    Really glad to hear that The Keep is still being supported.

  • Glad the updates all went through!

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