connection help

Windows xp home edition service pack 3,
My service provider is AT&T.
I'm using a sierra wireless USBConnect 881,
windows firewall which I have already tried turning off.
AVG 9.0.733. and yes I can connect to the player interface through my own PC but none else can.

EDIT. I'm also running the full version of SM btw


  • Do you have a router... and if so, have you forwarded the port on it?
  • I do not have a router
  • Found my problem. it's my wireless card. for reference in case anybody else runs into this:

    "You have a Mobile Originated IP. This means you can surf the internet, email, ect. What you need is a Mobile Terminated capable IP address. This still allows you to surf OUTBOUND, but it allows internet based hosts to reach you INBOUND, and access the services and server you are running."

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