Where I can find a tutorial for a total begginer in Astrosynthesis.

Hello, I'm a potential buyer currently running the trial version, I want to generate maps (mostly for 2D printing) of small sectors for my campaigns (100 systems at most and the star lanes connecting them), but I can't seem to find a Tutorial that is geared towards a total beginner in this kind of stuff. I've tried Richard Kurbis' Tutorial, but it seems to assume that I know how to do a lot of things that I really don't know how. Does someone know or have a more basic tutorial than Mr. Kurbis's?
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  • There's no tutorial per se. Everybody seems to use Astro differently. Best thing to do if you have questions about how to use it is to post here.

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    Thanks for your reply @Ed_NBOS.
    At least I found out it has PDF manual hidden on one of the program folders and that it's more enlightening with the basics than Richard Kurbis' Tutorial, even though it has some characters not being shown. It would be an interesting suggestion for future versions, to incorporate some basic tutorials on the Help file, that would be a nice addition.

    Now I'm having some trouble with Nebulae, whenever I put a nebula on the sector's map, it show just like a star, it doesn't have neither form, size, nor texture, and it doesn't seem to have anything related to these properties on the object menu for them, just its coordinates and sphere of influence (whatever it may be), is that supposed to work this way or am I missing something?


  • Yes, everything the map will default to looking like a star. What you can do is set the blazon image for your nebula to something else (its one of the tabs in the system Properties window). You'll have to come up with a suitable image for it, but that shouldn't be difficult.

  • @Ed_NBOS, thanks for the help, I couldn't find a place to specify the size of the Nebula so the image scales accordingly.

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