First test play notes and requests

My group just used Skwyre to test as an alternative to a physical map and miniatures (we were all sitting at the table together, 2 on PC, 2 on android tablets, 4 on android phones. The way it functioned as is was enough to make me want to pay for a copy.

During our campaign whenever someone locked their screen or navigated away from the program it would kick them out of the map they were in and bump them to the first map again. we compromised by logging in another laptop in tablet mode laid out on the middle of the table for everyone to see. This was a major inconvenience when they were looking up things for their character, or their character sheet on their tablet or phone.

There was an incident where I added a map and it showed up in map 1 over top of the current map, it went away after a bit, but could be a real inconvenience if I added a map to the main boss and they got a sneak peek.

For some reason, on my PC I am not able to see a thumbnail of the tokens or maps that I have uploaded, they show up as blank spaces in the selection window, but when they are on the table, they show up. This makes it very difficult to select the correct miniatures at any given time.

We need an "erase" function in the drawing, so when an area effect spell is over I can quickly erase it from the map without clearing the other important sketches drawn out for other events or spells.

Would really like it if my new maps can be "hidden" from the players until I'm ready to "publish" it or something similar, this way I can get all my maps and tokens laid out without people able to see what the encounter is going to be before hand... the alternative is to start a new campaign and invite everyone to it with each new map, that solution is a bit clunky.

We really need iOS for the losers who use Mac. It's not their fault they have been manipulated through creative marketing into purchasing overpriced electronics with half the functionality... they have suffered enough and are left oblivious about it, they don't deserve more ridicule.


  • Glad you liked it! Actually, I'm really glad you used it at the game table, since that's the primary idea behind it.

    For hiding/showing maps, you can use the Archive feature. Basically click and hold down on the map number (1, 2, 3, etc) for a few seconds and then release. Select Archive from the popup. That will hide it, but keep it associated with the campaign. To show it again, click the '...' button, and select 'Restore Map', and pick the one you want to show. I think this is what you are after. You do have to be GM to do this, obviously.

    Yes, iOS... is troubling. Skwyre can be built on iOS, but there is no simple way to distribute the binary because of the difficulty in side loading apps. I guess there are some ways of doing it via the App Store, but I'm not an iOS developer, so I'd probably have to outsource that whole process. So, that will probably have to wait until Skwyre is more mature and I'm ready to call it a true version 1.0.

  • I will try out the archive feature this Sunday at our next game, thank you!.... and continue to make fun of the people who chose a life of servitude by owning apple products.

    I'll let you know if there are any other tech problems that occur at the table.

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