Trouble with the viewer

So I was working on my character sheet, moving sections I had built to another page and realigning. It was working fine before I made the changes, allowing me to view it every time. It often told me there was a Microsoft Jscripting error, but the sheet loaded in the viewer and was fully functional. Now it returns a not responding Debug log with this text:

"Scripting Error
Context: Field Update
Field: totalacc
Script: weapacc.Value+talentacc.Value+racialacc.Value+specialacc.Value"

I tried finding the totalacc field to fix it, and have gone so far as to delete the field to try and fix the error, but nothing seems to want to let the dang thing load in the viewer. I'm starting to get frustrated, as I was literally moments away from distributing this sheet to my party, but now I'm stuck and they're waiting. :x

Any help would be appreciated. If you need, I can even upload the sheet to see if it's just something I've overlooked.


  • Sure - upload it to the forum so it can be checked out.
  • Okay, I've uploaded both the original with the problem I stated, but in the time between posts, my girlfriend (god love her for it) remade the sheet using the same specs and just made it neater. I added the little bit of scripting that I had, but now for some reason it not only gives me the same error as the earlier sheet, but then goes to the viewer. Considering it's a near fresh sheet (copied the top section of page 1, the rest was from scratch) this struck me as odd. Then, however, I noticed that I couldn't change to either of the other pages in the viewer. It just didn't show the tab to move to them.

    I really like this software, but it's apparently not a big fan of me for some reason.

    Again, any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much.
  • I took a look at the sheets. There was a field called totalacc1 that, well, I have no idea where it was on the sheet itself. It may have been off the page for some reason. I made a 'select by field name' option in the menu, used that to find the field, and deleted it. The sheet seems to open ok in the view now. On the 2nd one, that also had the mysterious field, which was removed. But also on the 2nd one, you'll want to change the names of some of the fields because fields with spaces in their names will give a javascript error.

    Hope this does the trick!
  • Thank you so much, it works perfectly. I was seeing that the totalacc1 field was causing the problem, but like you said, it just wasn't on the page. I'm glad you knew how to find it, because short of clicking select all and delete, well, I was stumped. I edited out those fields and I'm making sure everything is set up with the scripting I want. Thanks again. ^_^

    Also thanks for making such a useful tool. It'd have been so much more of a hassle to use a modded D&D sheet for this game. Even just a d20 character sheet would have been full of useless areas. I liked being able to make my own custom sheet, and I'm glad your program is so (other than this issue) easy to use.

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