Now idea where or how to start

I'm looking at creating a Astro map based on a Stars Without Number map, but without a place to start, without an understanding on of the basics of the software or any clues on how to start this process.

I'm finding myself lost in software, I have no skill or understanding of how to use. Which if I don't change will be another piece of software I can't use ^.^

Any tips on how to learn how to convert this data into a working AstroSynthesis?


  • Unfortunately there's not going to be an instant way to import that data. It looks like that generator has a JSON export, so that may be the easiest to use. What may be easiest is to make a script in some programming language (python or php perhaps) that can load their JSON and then export it back out as a CSV file that Astro can read. That will get you a 3D map with star positions.

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