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hello everyone I am new to the FOrums and new to the lets get to why I am interested in the progrm and what I will be using it for. I am wanting to make a space game and wanting to use Fractal World to be used as my c reation suite to do this but how would I go about doing all this and getting this data out of this into a game engine liek say Unity or Unreal. I want to creat a system where I can go from star to star to planet to planet and be abel to load teh landscape from that planet using that texture I have basic idea of how to do this within the image exportation but how would I go about doing this within say This program and Visa Versa. Thanks for the helpful feedback ahead of time...Also Can AstroSynthesis. Make a galaxy for me?



  • I notice nobody has responded to your question yet. That may be because it covers such a huge spectrum. In RPGs, I use AS3 to set up a (small) galaxy where my players can voyage around - they can see the map I've created and can say "we want to go to this star system", pointing to a particular star on the map. At this point it would be necessary to generate (or make up) the system's component planetary bodies. Probably not something you could do during play.

    My answer to this is prepare the sector of the galaxy beforehand (or at least some of it) and then try to "guide" your players using your background scenario story line to push them gently into the prepared systems. Obviously, to do this, you must have a reasonable knowledge of how the software works and is used.

    I regret, I have no knowledge of "Unity" or "Unreal" - Ed would have to voice an opinion on how this might be done or even if it is possible.

    You can create planetary surfaces using the software (Fractal World Editor) supplied with Astrosynthesis and then, for more detail, edit these in Fractal Mapper 8, and even form them into a sphere.

    Yes, AS can make a galaxy for you - or, rather, allow you to make a galaxy for yourself. The Milky Way galaxy contains billions of stars and AS couldn't generate a similar galaxy. Rather it works with "Sectors". You're unlikely to need 200 billion stars for your games so keep you sectors at manageable sizes for the game you are running.

    My main advice to you is:
    1. Read the PDF manuals
    2. Play with the software and get to know it
    3. Use the "Help" facilities
    4. If you have anything specific to ask, use these forums
    5. If all else fails, Ed is a friendly and helpful chap and will do his best to help.

    Hope that's useful.

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