IOS using TestFlight?

I know IOS is coming and you said that there was no good (or maybe it was easy) to make an IOS beta, but I know another company did it using TestFlight. Not sure how viable it would be. really looking for a solution as my players use mobile's and I use PC,


  • Unfortunately, I'm not an iOS developer, and I don't really have the available time to get up to speed with all that's necessary to get a beta program going through TestFlight. That's basically what I meant by no easy way to do a beta. That, and Apple has a bunch of requirements which, again, I just don't have the time to get involved with. With Android, I can just upload the .apk and people can install it. And its similar for Windows, Linux, and even Mac.

    I probably would not pursue iOS until the product is feature complete for v1, simply so that I would not have to do it more than once. Skwyre is a hybrid app (HTML/JS based), so I've no doubt it will run on iOS once built for it.

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