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Is there an estimated time of arrival for Fractal Mapper 9. I've seen the other posts on the subject and it seems to have progressed to the point where installers are mentioned, so I was just wondering where its at.

Thanks in advance for any info.


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    No formal ETA yet on FM9. Still hoping for this year. Both myself and the artist had some distractions that set us behind schedule. Coding is about 90% done, all the primary new features are in place. I will of course post an expected release date once I have one.

  • I bought the program when it was FM7. I still have the disk. With this new version, will it require a new purchase, or will the old version update to FM9?

    I am considering buying the new version when it comes out as a gift for my two friends.

  • Full version updates aren't free updates, but they will be available at a big discount to owners of previous versions.

  • Any updates on the ETA for FM9?

  • Bumping.

  • No ETA, but I do now have the new fantasy art.

  • Is the Fractal Mapper 9 project still ongoing? Does the Windows 11 release set it back even further? Has COVID helped or hindered?
    Just a couple of questions as its now 2022.

  • FM 9 is still on. I just received the sci-fi art for the new sci-fi symbols and they are awesome. Development is slow because NBOS is a p/t business, and the past couple years have had some large distractions. COVID hasn't directly impacted things.

  • Is FM9 going to include an update on FWE? And will they by 64bit?

  • Yes, both FM9 and FWE will be 64 bit. FWE is getting some updates, not huge, but there's a nice 'new map' window that lets you preview a bunch of planets before they are generated.

  • Since FWE (new) will be 64bit, is it going to go beyond the 2880x1440 world size?

  • Not on the new planet screen. But you can enlarge the map using 'Enlarge Globe' up to 11520x5760.

    Keep in mind, that will take up a lot of ram.

  • Once FM9 is available, how will you be announcing it to the world? Is there somewhere I can leave a request for automatic notification or should I just monitor the forum?

  • Hi Mike, it'll be announced all over the place, including here and on the web site. But I'll also be doing e-mailings and re-starting ad campaigns as well.

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    Will there be a chance to preorder?

  • No, probably not. I just don't have the spare programming time right now to set up something to keep track of pre-orders.

  • Quick update. I'm currently working on getting a new code signing certificate and updating the web content. The code signing certs are always like pulling teeth. FM9's Development, docs, and art are more or less complete.

  • Sounds good.

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