Jörðgarð Map of the Week #407 - Black Fortress Dungeon Teitur's Chamber

Map of the Week No. 407 is from the forthcoming Jörðgarð Trails adventure "A Tale of 2 Books." When the adventuring PCs reach this last dungeon chamber, they find both their nemesis, the red draug (undead) Teitur and the goal they're seeking, the Black Book of Martröð. However, to get the book, they'll have to get past Teitur, which probably means destroying him. The key:

  1. The position of Teitur when the PCs enter the chamber. Teitur will be awaiting them. His warning signals have made clear that guests are coming, There is no chance for surprise.

  2. The Vortex of Entropy. Anyone who enters the vortex will be utterly destroyed, body and soul. A human destroyed in the vortex never can be restored to life, not even by a miracle.

The graphic above is reduced in size. You can get the full-sized battlemap in two versions:

  1. The Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 version in FMP format (7.5 MB) from the Jörðgarð website.

  2. As a JPG flat map of 1360 x 1060 Pixels (625 KB) available from the NBOS website at:

http://www.nbos.com/nox/download.php?id=927 .

Both versions are released for personal and commercial use under the Open Game License Version 1.0a, which you can read on the Jörðgarð website at:


Next week: After many weeks, this is the last map from the Black Fortress. Next week we move on to on new area of the "Tale of 2 Books" adventure with an overland map of the Greenwood.

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