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I have been asked by a friend to produce a fleshed-out version of a map he has found on-line. He's sent me a .PNG copy and I have placed that into FM8. I now need to build my FM8 map "over" the .PNG, using it as a guide as to where to place various features. But, first, I need to outline some of the major features so I can insert, for example, water into the area I have outlined.

What is the best tool for me to use to outline these areas? Some of these areas will be at the edge of the map, so such borders will need to be straight-edged and I would like some borders to be fractal. Then I want to fill them with suitable terrain textures or features. It's very difficult to put this into words but, if anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.


  • I may. of course, be missing some important point here, but this outline-and-fill system seems to make no sense to me. Simply make fractal polygons with the fill pattern already selected over these areas. If these area objects block your view of other things, make the filled area temporarily invisible, or, if that leads to other problems, temporarily give the filled area 50% transparency.

  • Hi Mark:

    Nice to hear from you. I've been away from map making for a few years and, at my age, the memory isn't what it was. By trial & error, I actually picked up on the method you outline and it seems to work. I've downloaded the Vintyri tutorials and will be reading my way through them but this project came out of the blue and I wanted to provide something for my friend to comment on. Unfortunately, I discovered that I had forgotten most of the techniques I needed and just wanted something to push-start me.

    I'm hopeful you've done jut that - but, if not, be sure I'll come back to haunt you. My forum ID comes from my fascination with the Wars of the Roses and the board game Crown of Roses but I can reveal that I am, in fact, none other than Mike Oliver... WHO???


  • Greetings, Mike! Great to hear from you again! When you have questions, I'm always glad to seek answers and pass them on.

  • Nice to know, Mark. I'm sure I can find something to give you work :*

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