Need help with scripting

Love the detail Astrosynthesis provided, but I now need to bridge its output to another piece of software and create new data columns in a fresh copy of the SQLlite database based on the original data.

Example: Use planet diameter, gravity, atmosphere and temperature to add data to a new column that is one of X numbers of standardized planetary life type biomes.

All this other new data is it's simply a matter of using the API to write a plugin that will read the existing data and write an output to a new column.

It could all be done in SQLLite itself manually I suppose, by running a query and return all planets that fit a criteria and doing a cut and paste of the biome type into a new column....but as the clusters I am looking at are large (say 100,000 systems) I would like to automate the process. I am willing to discuss paying someone to do this as shoudn't take long...I need to focus on some other aspects of my project.

Anyone willing to take a stab at a plugin for a few bucks if I apply a list of the new data columns required and the sort formula for each? If not anyone willing to provide an example of same that I can use in the latest Astrosynthesis release? If the latter I'll just have to bite the bullet and do it on my own I guess.


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